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Since being established in 2006, KKUS Ltd has provided high-accuracy As-Laid surveys to several clients within the Utility Sector. 

Our goals are always to provide a first-class service by working closely with all our clients, achieving and exceeding the targets agreed at outset. 

Since being established in 2006, KKUS Ltd has provided high-accuracy As-Laid surveys to several clients within the Utility Sector. 

Our success has been based upon understanding our client’s specifications, as well as advising on producing the best As-Laid Drawing to benefit themselves and their utility providers.

Our ethos is to work longer and harder with exceptional attention to detail to ensure we delight the client whilst incorporating competitive rates to ensure costs, time and labour are kept to a minimum. 


Using the latest equipment manufactured by Trimble, KKUS now uses the DA2 Catalyst  equipment in conjunction with K-Mobile Software to produce all As-Laid Surveys.

The Trimble DA2 GNSS receiver is the next generation receiver for the Trimble® Catalyst™ GNSS positioning service. The performance of the DA2 scales with the Trimble Catalyst service subscription to deliver centimetre accuracy to location-enabled Android™ and iOS field apps & workflows

With built-in text option fields and the ability to incorporate photographs into our asset recordings, information can be transferred instantly to highlight any potential issues. 

Jobs are synced on survey completion and instantly downloaded back to the office to commence the AutoCAD process. 


At KKUS, we use the latest editions of AutoCAD to present our data capture to the specifications of each client. These can then be converted to a PDF Format if preferred for reference.

Our surveying work includes all associated drawing work, but we also offer an AutoCAD stand-alone service, whereby we create drawing files for clients based on their own surveys and/or sketches from the site. 


KKUS Ltd uses the Trimble DA2 Catalyst equipment for all our As-Laid Surveys.

The benefits of this equipment are numerous for providing all our clients with timely, high accuracy as-laid surveys from street completion to as-laid drawing format submissions.

The equipment is accurate to 1cm in the field, providing x,y, and z coordinates as required. The equipment can be used as a handheld device, or in conjunction with a 2m Carbon Fibre Pole to give the highest degrees of accuracy and ground-level options. Even when there are challenging surrounding conditions, such as overhead tree canopies or high rise structures, the DA2 can deliver cm accuracy in such scenarios.

The device is rugged, being able to cope in all weather/site conditions and allowing up to 20 hours of survey time per day.

In conjunction with the K-Mobile Software, on completion of the site survey, data is synced on site via a Cloud, transferring all recorded data, notes and photographs instantly back to the office.

The data can then be adapted to each client’s specifications, moments after the work has been recorded. This provides our clients with high-accuracy data with fast turnaround times from installation to as-laid drawing submission.