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Morrison Water Services/Yorkshire Water AMP4/5/6 Water Mains Rehabilitation, Developer Services As-Laid Surveys.

Morrison Water Services/United Utilities Pre-Construction Mains Cleaning Surveys

KKUS was tasked with supplying all as-laid surveys and drawings for small-diameter rehabilitated water mains across Yorkshire Water’s network. KKUS introduced GPS As-Laid surveys to give the client faster turnaround times with greater accuracies, against previously wheeled measures and hand-drawn surveys.

More recently, KKUS were approached by MWS to complete a backlog of 500 Developer Services As-Laid drawings to their client’s specifications from previously surveyed projects. The surveys were a mixture of wheeled measured data to fixed points by triangulation or by GPS coordinates where there were no fixed points to measure at the time of the survey.

As part of MWS’s work with United Utilities, KKUS was able to assist with providing pre-construction survey data for planned Mains Cleaning projects around the Manchester Area. The surveys included assessing any potential risks, traffic management requirements and recording all fittings. We also ensured that all existing valves and hydrants were accessible within chambers and could be operated and utilised.

Severn Trent Water – AMP5/6/7 Water Mains Rehabilitation As-Laid Surveys

KKUS has worked successfully alongside many of the contractors and sub-contractors undertaking water mains rehabilitation work on behalf of Severn Trent Water over the last 3 AMP periods.

Following initial GPS As-Laid survey submissions, KKUS was invited to assist Severn Trent Water with a new template format for all future As-Laid drawing submissions. KKUS carried out a trial As-Laid survey for a project recently renewed and presented to a workshop along with all other supply chain contractors. This standard has now been rolled out across the region and has increased recording accuracy, providing better information with shortened turnaround times from street completion to as-laid drawing submission.

This has also eradicated the need for accompanying paperwork, which is now incorporated into the electronic drawing frame.

We provide ongoing high-accuracy GPS surveys and associated AutoCAD format drawings to a host of contractors across the Midlands, all to Severn Trent specifications, for a smooth transition into their GIS system.

Hafren Dyfrdwy – AMP6/7 Water Mains Rehabilitation As-Laid Surveys

Our work with Hafren Dyfrdwy has been to provide survey assistance with some of their legacy projects across the Severn Dee area. We have been able to provide high-accuracy GPS data for renewal schemes within private land, public highways, and reservoirs. This data is then presented in AutoCAD/PDF format to the client and updated into their GIS System.

We are proud to be an approved vendor and continue to assist with ongoing schemes across the network.

O’Connor Utilities/SP Energy Networks – 33KV Cable installation Llangollen to Llansilin

KKUS was approached by O’Connor Utilities to provide 33kv cable route as-built drawings on behalf of their client, SP Energy Networks.

The extent of the route was from Llangollen to Llansilin, with the client requesting GPS coordinates as well as wheeled measures to fixed points.

All joint bays and fibre optic chambers were recorded, as well as the route of the cable ducts every 15-20m.

Cross sections of the route were also detailed, along with all jointer details and dates of when the work was carried out.