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KKUS Ltd was established in November 2006, by co-owners John Kitson and Nick Keegan.

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KKUS Ltd was established in November 2006, by co-owners John Kitson and Nick Keegan.

Both have over 40 years of combined experience within the utility sector, ranging from Site Investigation Planning, Detailed Design, and producing final As-Laid Records, through the life of a Utility Renewal project.

Since 2006, we have specialised in high-accuracy As-Laid surveys and associated AutoCAD format drawings, using the latest and most accurate GPS equipment available on the market.

KKUS Ltd has a hard-working, dedicated team, working in close liaison with all its clients to ensure all specifications and timescales are achieved and where possible, exceeded.

Our reputation is based upon quality, accuracy, a safe professional delivery and a strong commitment to all our clients across the UK

Our recently completed projects

Severn Trent Water – AMP5/6/7 Water Mains Rehabilitation As-Laid Surveys

KKUS has worked successfully alongside many of the contractors and sub-contractors undertaking water mains rehabilitation work on behalf of Severn Trent Water over the last 3 AMP periods.
Following initial GPS As-Laid survey submissions, KKUS was invited to assist Severn Trent Water with a new template format for all future As-Laid drawing submissions. KKUS carried out a trial As-Laid survey for a project recently renewed and presented to a workshop along with all other supply chain contractors. This standard has now been rolled out across the region and has increased recording accuracy, providing better information with shortened turnaround times from street completion to as-laid drawing submission.

Our Services

GPS As-Laid Surveys

Using the latest equipment manufactured by Trimble,

AutoCAD format drawings

At KKUS, we use the latest editions of AutoCAD to present our data capture to the specifications of each client. These can then be converted to a PDF Format if preferred for reference.

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What ou clients say about us


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